It’s not for me!

Playing sport all my life has always been part of my existence from a very early age. Football was everything and what came with that was of course running and circuit training. Realising I wasn’t going to be the next George Best and settling for more five a side than eleven – I also started playing squash, water skiing, swimming and running.

Fifteen years on and an arm injury forced my football career to an end. This left me concentrating on running to keep my fitness together with squash and cycling. Pretty boring, so I joined the gym, tried a bit of tennis but carried on running 2/3 times per week, plus the gym treadmill.

Eventually all that running started to take its toll on my knees and I cut the running back to once a week and started cycling more. However due to the years of running I had become extremely stiff and certainly not very flexible, trying to do squats, sit ups, twists, turns etc without grunts and groans was virtually impossible.

It was my wife, who asked me to join her in an Athletic Pilates class – purely by chance, I went along with little understanding of what it was, believing it was a bit like a speeded up yoga – “it’s not for me” as it’s really not my thing – but still went along.Wow, how wrong was I?

I found Athletic Pilates a full workout and certainly not what I had expected. Struggling to even get into the basic positions made me sweat, whether that was from embarrassment or just lack of co-ordination, balance or stiffness I’ll never know. But, I was determined to keep going. That was back in April 2019 and thanks to Susie’s support and guidance plus her unique sense of humour and exceptional warmth and instruction technique the classes are great fun but hard work.

I’ve continued to, I believe, improve despite still finding some basic positions difficult to achieve – the Teaser still seems beyond me!

I have found my cycling has become easier, being less stiff and gym sessions don’t have the aching after effects they used to have. All down to Athletic Pilates.

But you know what they say – The more you put in, the more you get out!

That’s why, I know every class is a great workout and always different, which motivates you to keep going and going – thank you Susie.

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