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I started attending Athletic Pilates sessions in June 2019 on the recommendation of a
friend. A lifetime of contact sports, golf and rigorous exercise regime, I thought, was
beginning to take its toll to the extent I could hardly walk on some days let alone run,
mainly due to the acute pain I was experiencing in my hips, right shoulder and lower back.
I found the first few sessions very challenging, twisting & contorting my body into what
appeared to be impossible positions for me. My muscles were very sore for a few days
after the sessions but the benefit I was realising was well worth the discomfort. After the
first few sessions I noticed I was bumping my head on things I had not bumped into for a
very long time and I quickly realised this was due to my improved posture – I was now
standing much more upright!

After several weeks I increased my sessions to twice a week as the benefits were
becoming even more apparent, for example I was feeling more energetic and bending
down becoming effortless. Previously I had suffered severe leg cramps at night, after a
couple of months they had disappeared completely. Simple things, such as putting my
shoes on or running upstairs were less of a chore and even though I have been a keen
cyclist for a few years, athletic Pilates made me feel healthier, stronger and fitter than I
have for a long, long time.

Now I always look forward to going to Pilates, whilst the sessions can be quite gruelling,
the benefits get better all the time, I feel fresher in the mornings, I walk tall, bend with
ease, stretch without spasms in muscles, my back is stronger and I can exercise
strenuously in relative comfort. I have resurrected my gym membership AND started
running again INCLUDING intermittent sprinting!

The classes are very inclusive, from novice to advanced – in my experience everyone who
attends is very welcoming, friendly and supportive – we all share a common purpose and a
great sense of humour (when we are not gasping for breath). Big thank you to Susie for her
undoubted Pilates skills, terrific coaching ability, and in my case, sheer persistence and

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