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I love exercise, believe me I’ve tried every class in the book and I’ve run many miles over the years. But discovering Athletic Pilate’s has been life changing.

I started doing this class about 6/7 years ago, I’d never tried Pilates before but I knew I loved the instructor so I thought I’d give it a go. I did it once a week at my gym and loved it so much I started going to a private class on a Saturday. Believe me it has to be good for me to part with my hard earned cash on it.

I can honestly say this is the only class I’ve ever done that has actually changed my body shape. After doing it regularly I could see a real definition in my waistline.

I’ll never be perfect but managing moves that I thought I’d never be able to master is a fantastic feeling and when I don’t fall backwards during the teaser, I’m thrilled!

I need to feel motivated or I get bored but the encouragement, knowledge and dedication of an instructor who is clearly passionate about the teachings of Joseph Pilate’s makes this class a real joy to take part in. I can’t imagine it not being part of my life.

Caroline – 16/10/19

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